St George's Church,
Wrotham, Kent

The Organ at St George's Church, Wrotham


IMG_7759 Wrotham St George jpeg 350dpiThe 14 stop organ was built by Forster & Andrews of Hull in 1883 and is positioned on the north side of the chancel.

It is laid out in vertical tiers and has a flat radiating pedal-board that was replaced by Manders in 1975.

The organ is tracker action with a mechanical stop action.

The pedals have a 30 note range from C to f1, whilst the Great and Swell are 56 notes, C to g3.

The Swell is enclosed and is operated by a mechanical 'kick' pedal on the right hand side of the console.

There are 4 mechanical combination pedals,

2 for the Swell and 2 for the Great.

Pedal: Bourdon 16' & Violoncello 8'

Great: Open Diapason 8', Stopped Diapason 8', Dulciana 8', Pricipal 4', Fluto Traverso 4', Fifteenth 2'

Swell: Geigen Principal 8', Salicional 8', Voix Celeste [TC] 8', Gemshorn  8', Mixture II, Oboe 8

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