8.00am Said Holy Communion (1662)
9.00am Breakfast Church
10.30am Matins (1662)
6.00pm Evening Communion
sung by Väckelsångskören
from Sweden
followed by a bring & share Supper

9.00am Breakfast Church
10.30am Parish Communion

9.00am Breakfast Church
10.30am Family Communion

9.00am Breakfast Church
10.30am Parish Communion

St George's Church,
Wrotham, Kent

SEPTEMBER... from the Rector: Rev.Edward Wright


People occasionally say to me that they would like to believe more in God, but find it hard to do so. Others, who do believe, raise a different issue – the difficulty in knowing what His will is in any given situation. I sometimes wonder if part of the cause in both cases might be an element of reluctance to believe in Him, or to hear what He’s saying. Deep down we may feel believing in Him or knowing His will would present a challenge to our independence and choice about the way we want to go.

As human beings we are given a choice of whether or not we want to allow ourselves to be tamed under God. A horse that has been ‘broken’ is enabled to do things it would not otherwise have done. This does not break the animal in such a way as it is no longer healthy or of use. In fact the process increases the horse’s potential.

In the past horses in our countryside took on a major role in agriculture and transport. Now they still provide recreation for many and undertake amazing feats ; think, for example, of racing, show-jumping or dressage. None of these would they be able to do if left in their natural state.

Sometimes the word ‘meeking’ has been used instead of braking in relation to the process of training horses. Meekness is not a greatly valued virtue these days. The word may suggest negative images of rather spineless characters, who can be overlooked, dismissed or perhaps pitied.

Yet Moses was described in the bible as the meekest man alive in his day, and he was a great leader, courageous and probably rather an awe inspiring figure. He was ‘meeked’ under God.

And consider Jesus , who described Himself as meek and gentle, confronting the authorities of the day, and storming into the Temple, turning over tables and getting out a whip. He also taught that the ‘meek will inherit the earth’. 

So meekness is not quite the negative attribute we may tend to see it as. Christian faith and discipleship involves the risk of stepping out in faith and the discipline of following Christ where we believe He is leading. Everyone will struggle at times, and sometimes resist.

God invites us to choose to submit to Him, not to enslave us, but to fulfil the potential for which we were created.  The meek will inherit the earth because, trained under God, they can be trusted with it.

Jesus invites us: “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.’ He also promises: “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”.





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