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JANUARY... from the Rector: Rev.Edward Wright

I wonder how you feel when you hear a knock or ring at your door? Is it usually positive as in ‘’I hope that should be the delivery I’ve been waiting for’ or ‘Ah, some friend is dropping round’? Or does it tend to be more negative:  ‘Oh..whose that bothering me….’  or  ‘I really can’t talk now to any sales person, canvasser …etc.’.

Nearly sixty years ago a 10 year old boy called Charlie was really pleased to be out of London and celebrating Christmas in the country. He and his mother were out for a drive to enjoy the beautiful snowy winter landscape. It all looked just right. But then the snow quickly began to get heavier, and visibility deteriorated.

Suddenly, at a bend, the car went into a skid, and kept on going right into the ditch. Although young for the job, Charlie did get out and attempt to push while his mother carefully applied her foot to the accelerator, but the wheels merely slipped – it was no use.

Realizing they were stuck, they left the car and set out along the road. They soon saw a small house near the roadside, knocked on the door, and asked for help. The lady who answered looked flustered, but she invited them in to use the ‘phone and warm up, while she made a cup of tea.

A fairly ordinary event, you might think, even if a minor crisis for those involved. But for the lady who opened the door it was not at all ordinary. In fact, it was so special for her that she recounted the story of that visit hundreds of times. And I think you or I might have done the same. Because it is not every day that the Queen of England, and Charles, Prince of Wales, turn up on your doorstep.

One night twenty centuries ago, the supreme Sovereign came knocking on the door. Not as the result of an accident, but through a design planned by God and foretold in prophecy: ‘the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call his name Immanuel’ – which means ‘God with us.’

At Christmas we are not celebrating the birth of just a great teacher and religious leader. We are celebrating the breakthrough point in human history, the unique story of God ‘knocking at the door’ of all humanity.

I don’t suppose any of us would leave the Queen standing on our doorstep, or turn her away. We might feel embarrassed, and that we didn’t know what to do. It might come to mind that our humble home is unprepared for such a visit, especially if we hadn’t tidied up.

But the Lord chose to come to a stable, and He knows all about the mess already. None of us could ever be worthy of His presence, but He wants to come in anyway. He brings the delivery we’ve been waiting for, peace in a world that can often be full of tension and pain. He may disturb us, but he brings hope for our disappointment, failure or guilt.

We may feel ‘I’m really too busy to be interrupted now’; or ‘Not today, thank you.’ But he is not simply offering spiritual double glazing for the religiously inclined. The name ‘Jesus’ means ‘God saves’. He thought we needed a Saviour -rescuing from a dead-end destiny. He didn’t think anyone was too good, or too bad, to pass by.

As the Christmas message comes around again we might like to listen out afresh for a knock at the door. And perhaps make some significant resolutions for the New Year.



The story above is based, with permission, on material from ‘The Word for Today’ published by UCB, PO Box 255,Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8YY (www.ucb.co.uk). Free issues of this devotional are available from them


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