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9.00am Breakfast Church
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9.00am Breakfast Church
10.30am Parish Communion (CW)

St George's Church,
Wrotham, Kent

FEBRUARY... from the Rector: Rev.Edward Wright

Some while ago I heard a programme on the radio about lucky and unlucky people. The presenter had written a book on this subject, researching various possible approaches to life.


He had found attitude to be a key factor. As you might expect, lucky people definitely had a positive mindset, whereas unlucky ones had a much more negative one. But were the lucky people positive simply because they were lucky, or did they actually make their luck because they were positive?


He talked about making the most of opportunities, seeing the good aspects of bad situations etc and concluded that outlook did play a key part in so called ‘luck’.


One of the examples referred to people he had interviewed who had been seriously hurt in accidents. There was a spectrum of responses. For one victim, they had had such bad luck that they ended up with a broken leg. For another, they were so lucky to have got away with a broken leg, when it could have been so much worse!


We have probably all come across the sort of people who make the best of very difficult situations – the link between attitude and luck is not simple. But, we know that what one person sees as a glass half-empty, to another is a glass half full. The way we look at life does make a difference, for better or worse.


At a time of year recognised for low spirits, perhaps determining to adopt a positive attitude can help. I didn’t ever see the film, but I have heard the Monty Python song from the Life of Brian - ‘Always look on the Bright Side of Life’.  It can seem that there is something unrealistic or insensitive about the Christian encouragement to ‘Rejoice in all circumstances’.


The point is not that we can always find a bright, or silver, lining in terms of the human dimension, but that a quite different and larger dimension exists, and that this can throw another sort of light altogether.


Regrettably, the brightness of this other dimension is not always as clearly demonstrated as it could be. Those of us who have a Christian faith surely hold in principle to the bible’s encouragement to adopt a positive attitude, but perhaps tend sometimes to find it easier to hide the joy than show it.


There could surely be no more real reasons for rejoicing than the news that death has been beaten, purpose and destiny revealed, and heaven opened? And that this news is not some vague hope, but can go deep into the human heart through connection with the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


Nothing in this world can come close to the sense of joy He can give.


Paul writes in his letter to the Philippians (chapter 3): “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice!” And I think it’s a nice touch that he adds, perhaps in case you might tend to insensitivity: “Let your gentleness be evident to all.”


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